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it’s David Cook~~

Finally!!!…It’s David Cook…the winner of 2008 American Idol….

what an overwhelming moments for him..and for us the fans :)….


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david vs david~~

who will be the next American Idol?…

is it going to be Mr Cook the most bold & talented contestant?

or is it going to be Mr Archuleta the one who can sing anything?

catch them on the season finale starting tonite…

but i think it’s going to be DAVID COOK…yeahhh….


Click here to see Cook’s profile


Click here to see Archuleta’s profile

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my other interest~~

Hi all…

It’s been quite a while since my last post…

Work has been busy…

Like the subject said…I want to share my other interest…

Besides designing…I enjoy watching TV series…

Series I am addicted to are Grey’s Anatomy of course (been waiting for the second part of fourth season),

Prison Break,

Ugly Betty,


and of course the most irresistible series FRIENDS!!!! (I have the whole 10

season collection…yes I am…)…

Last but not least…not to be forgotten…me n my beloved dearie…

We are currently addicted to David Cook…yeahhh American Idol…

I can’t wait to watch David Cook on Idol tonite…

May 15, 2008 at 5:15 am 1 comment

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