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josiah leming updates~~~

before going for David Cook, i actually am a big fan of this interesting kid…haha…i became a big fan of “Grace Kelly” song…here’s a bit of an update of Josiah Leming…a kid with a big dreams…

The early ‘Idol’ castoff says he wouldn’t be where he is today if he’d made the cut.

“I signed my deal with Warner Bros. about a month and a half ago, and I’m glad to finally announce it. The songs are written, the arrangements are done, and right now it’s time to work with the producers,” he said. “I’m so excited. I’m just beaming inside right now. Since I signed the deal, it’s been a lot of wait, wait, wait. Now it’s finally come. I’m in this awesome studio, working on songs. … It’s amazing. This is everything I ever wanted.”

check out the full story and video from the following link:


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it’s David Cook~~

Finally!!!…It’s David Cook…the winner of 2008 American Idol….

what an overwhelming moments for him..and for us the fans :)….

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david vs david~~

who will be the next American Idol?…

is it going to be Mr Cook the most bold & talented contestant?

or is it going to be Mr Archuleta the one who can sing anything?

catch them on the season finale starting tonite…

but i think it’s going to be DAVID COOK…yeahhh….


Click here to see Cook’s profile


Click here to see Archuleta’s profile

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